Outdoor Shade Solutions: Patio Covers, Loggias, Pergolas & Cloth Shade Sails

Looking for Patio Covers & Outdoor Shade Solutions for your Home or Business in San Diego?

Do you want to enjoy spending more time on your patio or in your backyard protected from the heat of the midday sun?

Dandy Landscape Construction offers several high-end luxury outdoor shade solutions along with many affordable options to keep your residential or commercial patio and backyard living areas protected from the sun, heat, and other exterior elements.

If you’re looking for a modern luxury shade solution, we recommend an Italian inspired loggia to enhance both the appearance and functionality of your outdoor living area. A loggia is a permanent structure designed with one substantial main wall and open on three sides with a seamless roof to provide protection from the sun and rain while you enjoy the ambiance of your backyard in comfort and style.

If a loggia does not fit within the style of the existing backyard living space or the budget for your patio shade requirements, we have many other creative and affordable solutions to meet your needs. Some other patio shade systems to consider may include a wooden pergola or a combination of triangle sail cloths suspended in the air with reliable cabling. A wooden pergola can be combined with a ivy or grapevines for a classic Tuscan feel or you can simply leave the beams exposed for a crisp, clean, and modern look. Canvas cloth sun shade sails can be used for most commercial and residential shade applications including patio and swimming pool coverage. Shade sails are functional, affordable and fit seamlessly into any environment where you need extra protection from the year-round sun exposure we enjoy here in the San Diego area.

So give us a call today at 858-429-8329 to arrange a free design consultation and take the first step toward enjoying your patio and outdoor living area comfortably protected from the blistering heat of direct sun exposure.

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